24(fushi) Mandala by Susumu Hirasawa + Ejin

—The 9th Mandala, a live concert held in 2017 to celebrate reaching 90,000 twitter followers.
The mission to "hit the snare drum 90,000 times during the show" was successfully accomplished.
Later, his followers reached 240,000 and the near impossible mission, 24(fushi) Mandala, was born. 
It's for escaping from the majority with 240,000 hits. 
Susumu Hirasawa is aiming for the Stealth Major's fushi(immortality). —



The number "24" can also be read as "fushi" in Japananese, and the pronunciation "fushi" is also the Japanese word for immortal. In this event, 24 is used as a double-meaning for the quantity and immortality.

24(fushi) Mandala
performed by 
Susumu Hirasawa
SSHO the Ejin
TAZZ the Ejin
support drummer: Yuji “Rerure” Kawaguchi (#STDRUMS)


on 28, 29 April 2021
at festival hall (Osaka)


6:00 pm/7:00 pm (28 April)
5:00 pm/6:00 pm (29 April)

Ticket fee 7,150 JPY

* Live streaming

Live streaming (+ archive) will be available. 

Streaming ticket fee 3,300 JPY

Visit the link below for the details.

For the customers living in Japan:
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